Corporate Govenance Statement

The actions of CompuGroup Medical Medical´s Management Board and Supervisory Board are based on the principles of good and responsible corporate governance. In this statement, the Management Board – also acting on behalf of the Supervisory Board – provides its report on corporate governance in the Company pursuant to sub-section 3.10 of the German Corporate Governance Code (GCGC) and pursuant to section 289a (1) of the German Commercial Code (HGB).

  • This declaration of conformity with the German Corporate Governance Code pursuant to section 161 of the Aktiengesetz (AktG – German Stock Corporation Act) can be found on the CompuGroup Medical website This website also provides access to the Declarations of Conformity from previous years.

  • CompuGroup Medical acknowledges the obligation to behave as a responsible member of society. Our business is based on trust and we are daily dealing with issues related to health care safety, patient privacy and public procurement processes. CompuGroup Medical’s business activities will always comply with applicable laws and regulations and act in an ethical and socially responsible manner. This ethical foundation in some instances result in CompuGroup Medical’s corporate governance principles to go beyond the requirements of law and the recommendations of the GCGC. There are written instructions with ethical guidelines which apply to all our staff, and to all those who act on CompuGroup Medical’s behalf. We also expect our suppliers and partners to have ethical guidelines in their own enterprises, which are consistent with CompuGroup Medical’s ethical values. The documents describing the CompuGroup Medical guidelines are permanently available from our website at

  • CompuGroup Medical AG is a company under German law, which also represents the basis of the GCGC. One of the fundamental principles of German stock corporation law is the dual management system involving two bodies, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, each of which is vested with independent competences. CompuGroup Medical’s Management Board and Supervisory Board cooperate closely and confiding in managing and monitoring the Company.

    The Management Board is responsible for managing the enterprise. Its members are jointly accountable for the management of the enterprise. The Chairman of the Management Board coordinates the work of the Management Board and is also the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Underneath the CEO, the organizational design is a regional-functional matrix organization with senior executives reporting directly to the Group CEO. This structure is supported by a detailed governance model that determines the way in which CompuGroup Medical operates. In 2011 one member of the Management Board was assigned to the regional line organization as Executive Vice President and overall responsible for the region of Central Europe. The other Management Board member is assigned to the functional organization as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). All members of the Management Board meet on a weekly basis to discuss a broad set of issues ranging from daily operations to the Group strategy. The Management Board together with all regional managers composes the Strategic Management Group, which meets about ten times per year to harmonize operations and ensure knowledge sharing across geographies and functions.

    CompuGroup Medical supports the concept of an effective Supervisory Board in line with the company’s needs for expertise, capacity, balanced decision-making and ability to independently evaluate the company’s activities and the conduct of its management. The Supervisory Board appoints, supervises and advises the members of the Management Board and is directly involved in decisions of fundamental importance to the enterprise. The chairman of the Supervisory Board coordinates the work of the Supervisory Board. The duties of the Supervisory Board and its Committees are regulated in the Articles of Association. In addition, the Supervisory Board has adopted terms of reference governing its work. The Supervisory Board does not comprise any former Management Board members. It comprises a sufficient number of independent members not maintaining any personal or business relationship with the Company or its Management Board. Supervisory Board meetings are generally held six to eight times per year, and during at least one of these meetings the corporate strategy is up for review. Every month, the Supervisory Board receives a financial review, management reports and forward-looking analysis. The Supervisory Board regularly reviews the efficiency of its work. The last efficiency review took place in 2013. The next efficiency review is scheduled for 2015. The efficiency of the Supervisory Board’s work, including its cooperation with the Management Board, was determined on the basis of a list of questions and a subsequent discussion at a Supervisory Board meeting. The Supervisory Board has established one Committee from among its members: The Audit Committee consists of the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, two shareholder representatives, and one employee representative. The Supervisory Board has appointed its Chairman, Prof. Dr. Klaus Steffens, as the independent Audit Committee financial expert. The Audit Committee monitors the Company’s financial reporting process, discusses and examines annual consolidated financial statements and management reports prepared by the Management Board, as well as the quarterly financial reports. Based on the independent auditors’ report, the Audit Committee gives recommendations with respect to the approval of the annual financial statements and the consolidated financial statements by the Supervisory Board. Furthermore, the Audit Committee recommends to the Supervisory Board the independent auditors elected at the General Shareholders’ Meeting to audit the annual financial statements.

    The Management and Supervisory Board members are obliged to act in CompuGroup Medical AG’s best interests. In the completed financial year, there was no conflict of interest, which was disclosed to the Supervisory Board. None of the Management Board members of CompuGroup Medical AG sat on more than three Supervisory Boards of listed non-Group companies.

  • CompuGroup Medical AG complies with the recommendations of the GCGC to provide details of the compensation of each individual member of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board. The principles of the compensation systems and compensation amounts are outlined in the Compensation Report, which is part of the management report.

  • Good corporate governance entails the responsible handling of company risks. The Management Board of CompuGroup Medical use general and company-specific reporting and monitoring systems to identify, assess and manage these risks. These systems are continually developed and adjusted to match changes in overall conditions. The Management Board regularly informs the Supervisory Board about existing risks and the development of these risks. The Audit Committee deals in particular with monitoring the accounting process, including reporting, the efficiency of the internal control system, risk management and the internal auditing system, compliance and audit of the annual financial statements. More detailed information about CompuGroup Medical’s risk management is presented in the Risk Report. It also contains the report on the accountingrelated internal control and risk management system required in accordance with the German Accounting Modernization Act.

  • CompuGroup Medical AG prepares its consolidated financial statements in accordance with the provisions of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as applicable in the European Union. The annual financial statements of CompuGroup Medical AG are prepared in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB). The consolidated financial statements are prepared by the Management and audited by the auditors and the Supervisory Board. The interim reports are discussed between the Audit Committee and the Management Board prior to publication. The consolidated financial statements and the financial statements of CompuGroup Medical AG for the fiscal year 2012 were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers Aktiengesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt, the auditors elected by the 2012 Annual General Meeting. The audit was based on German auditing rules, taking account of the generally accepted auditing standards issued by the German Auditors’ Institute as well as the International Standards on Auditing. It also covered risk management and compliance with reporting requirements concerning corporate governance pursuant to section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act. In addition, a contractual agreement was concluded with the auditors to the effect that the auditors will immediately inform the Supervisory Board of any grounds for disqualification or partiality as well as of all findings and events of importance arising during the performance of the audit. There was no ground to provide such information in the framework of the audit of the financial year 2012.

  • The shareholders of CompuGroup Medical exercise their rights in General Meetings. The Annual General Meeting takes place during the first six months of the business year. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is the chair of the General Meeting. The General Meeting performs all duties assigned by the law. Our aim is to make the participation in General Meetings as easy for the stockholders as possible. Thus, all reports and documents necessary to the participation, including the Annual Report, are published in an easily accessible way on the company’s Internet site together with the agenda. The Management Board arranges for the appointment of a representative to exercise shareholders’ voting rights in accordance with instructions.

  • A standardized, comprehensive and prompt information flow is highly valued in CompuGroup Medical AG. CompuGroup Medical’s business situation and results will be outlined in the Annual Report, in the quarterly reports, at the annual investor and analyst conference and regular conference calls. Furthermore, press releases or, if legally required, ad hoc announcements will also provide information. All announcements and reports are available on the Internet at under the section Investor Relations. CompuGroup Medical AG has prepared the required directory of persons with insider information (insider register). The affected persons are informed about the legal obligations and penalties.