Report on opportunities

More and more data is being recorded in the health care system - in hospitals, at the family doctor, within health insurance companies and elsewhere. Patients are documented, classified and categorized according to their medical issues. At the same time, doctors want to share accurate, detailed findings from their colleagues. Everything done with the aim to provide patients with optimal, case-specific treatment. At the same, indications and treatment options are more differentiated and therefore more complex than ever before. The "human memory capacity" is inherently limited and it is increasingly difficult to always for healthcare providers to have all necessary information readily available.

For over 25 years, CompuGroup Medical has helped its customers to get rid of annoying bureaucracy and paper work and made important medical information available when and where needed. In this way, physicians and health care professionals are relieved and more time is created for what matters most: the patient. For this purpose, information exchange and interaction between general practitioners and specialists, hospitals, pharmacies and other participants in health care is of paramount importance.

  • Technological leadership and innovation

    CGM is well positioned to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation going forward. As an experienced first-mover, market leader and constant innovator, CGM’s level of technical expertise is considered the highest in the industry. In addition to customer retention, technical expertise acts as another high barrier to entry. This is particularly true for hospital systems where technical implementation is highly complex and only trusted to those with the requisite expertise, resources and track record. Switching costs for hospitals are also particularly high given the high execution risks in term of technical changes, data migration and user re-training.

    Organizational and process-related improvements

    “OneGroup” is the largest internal IT and organizational project in the history of CGM. Behind this project lies the standardization and optimization of roles, structures and processes in all our companies and business areas world-wide, based on a single centralized IT platform. All other existing internal IT solutions will be migrated and phased out once this standardized solution is ready and proven. In this way, we can create a synthesis of all our collective knowledge with perfect industry benchmarks and represent this in one single place in the form of an IT solution. We will use the power of information technology to organize, automate, and synchronize our business processes in a live global system. In this way we ensure that we ultimately address our markets with one unique, uniform and highly customized approach in areas like marketing, sales, support, professional services and other customer facing activities. In the background, the finance, HR and other back-office functions provide perfect support with perfect transparency for managers to make qualified decisions and assist the front-line colleagues to improve even further. Through a fully standardized IT-based organization, we can increase our operational efficiency, improve profitability, grow faster and enhance our customer satisfaction

  • Leading market position for Ambulatory Information Systems (AIS)

    CGM is the leader in the German market for Ambulatory Information Systems, as well as one of the leading AIS providers in Denmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. As a result of the scale achieved in the AIS business, CGM has broad and central access to a large pool of doctors in private practice, which has a number of significant benefits. It places CGM in a key strategic position where it can be a first-mover in other efficiency-improving areas of healthcare. One such example is in the connectivity market, where the value and success of connecting doctors, hospitals and other healthcare participants is closely related to the number of participants.

    The more participants a network has, the more attractive it will become for other potential participants to join and subsequently pay for services. CGM’s ability to access its existing doctor base provides it with a substantial competitive advantage in this area. Also, the AIS business is predominantly marked by long-term service and software maintenance agreements and is therefore distinguished by stable, mostly recurring revenues. These regular revenues form a stable basis for financing investments and developing new products and services.

    Consumer Engagement

    Consumers do many things online because it is convenient and saves time. CGM is shaping the healthcare revolution: with us, doctors and patients are in direct contact with each other – whether it is about an appointment request, a prescription renewal, an online consultation or requesting findings. More and more patients would like to be familiar with and manage their own medical data. We design solutions which allow patients to electronically merge and manage information from all treating physicians. The patient then decides which doctor(s) he makes his medical data available to. Confidential remains confidential – here, only CGM offers the highest safety standard.

    Software Assisted Medicine

    Our response to the increasingly more extensive demands on the “Healthcare System” is: Software Assisted Medicine (SAM): SAM links physicians, patients and payers and assists in the implementation of crucial initiatives into practice. The physician receives information about signs of a rare disease earlier - and he receives it precisely at the moment the patient is sitting in front of him. SAM helps in viewing the whole patient at the decisive moment, and thereby ensures optimal care.

  • Acquisitions are essential for both strengthening existing market positions and entering into new markets. In the last five years CGM acquired and successfully integrated more than 30 companies. This proves the Company’s strong track record in acquiring new businesses.

  • The demand for IT solutions is universal across all healthcare systems in Western industrial countries given the same challenges being faced of aging populations and increasing treatment costs. Accordingly, CGM’s business model is transferable to many different international markets, particularly given its long-standing experience. As a result of this, CGM has been able to increase its geographical diversity and currently is present with offices in 19 countries and customers in 43 countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

  • Successful and experienced management team

    CGM benefits from a strong team of managers that are well respected as leaders in the e-Health industry. The team is led by Chairman and CEO Frank Gotthardt who founded CompuGroup Medical in 1987 and has grown it into a worldwide leading enterprise. Supporting Mr. Gotthardt is a strong, experienced cadre of managers, all who have been active in the industry for more than a decade. This includes Christian B. Teig (Chief Financial Officer) and Uwe Eibich (Executive Vice-President Central Europe).

    Attractive employer

    The strong motivation, skills and creativity of our employees are the main sources of our success. Therefore, a sound education and the regular development of each individual are critical factors for our future. In 2013, CGM employed 74 trainees in Germany in areas ranging from office assistants to IT- specialist. Two thirds of all apprentices in 2013 were given a job offer from CGM after successful completion of final exams. The staff development concept of CGM includes seminars , language courses , on- the- job traning and a modular development program for young professionals . A good balance between work and private life is a crucial basis for employee satisfaction and performance - to the benefit of employees and the company. With a daycare center being operated at the office campus in Koblenz CGM is actively promoting the reconciliation of work and family. In this center, up to 32 children are cared for by experienced educators since 2009.

  • Every day, our customers are faced with new technology requirements: they must implement necessities such as electronic patient records or increase the electronic exchange of information with colleagues. To save costs, for example, many doctors outsource administrative tasks to external service providers. All with the same result: the healthcare sector is increasingly demanding of them to network. This, however, increases the risk of data protection. With CGM doctors act safely and responsibly. Patient data is already encrypted inside the practice and hospital - before transmission to external networks. Any personal identification reference is removed and the data is encrypted so that unauthorized access is impossible. The security technologies from CGM are TÜV-certified and often patented.

  • CGM is in a perfect position. In CGM, we use the power of modern information technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, optimize workflows and increase the quality of care. Healthcare is a market in growth – even when times are bad – and CGM is one of the leading eHealth companies in the world. With our unique customer base, we serve hundreds of thousands of doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies world-wide we get the best of both worlds: Structural, long-term growth opportunities and strong and robust defensive properties. eHealth truly is the ‘cherry on the cake’ when we talk about an early stage business with a big potential.

    No significant changes in the Group's opportunities happened during the reporting period compared to the previous year.