Report on post-balance sheet events

Acquisition of vision4health Laufenberg & Co

On January 6th 2014, the 100% owned subsidiary of CGM AG, CGM Lab International GmbH, completed a transaction to acquire the business of vision4health Laufenberg & Co., a leading innovator in software solutions for laboratory and diagnostics in Europe. With more than 200 installations in Europe, vision4health is one of the leading suppliers of laboratory information systems with some of the largest and most prestigious hospitals and private laboratory groups as reference customers. Through this agreement, CompuGroup acquires all significant assets and shares of the target group of companies, located in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Through this acquisition, CGM has considerably strengthened its market position in laboratory information systems, thus opening new strategic options in the networking of healthcare services and providers in core home markets.

The total turnover of the vision4health group was in 2013 approximately 13 million Euros with an EBITDA of approximately 0.1 million Euros.